First Strike: Initial impressions of the Warlords of Draenor Death Knight

At long last, it’s begun.
The player community has just gotten its first glimpse of the official Patch 6.0 notes, and Alpha Testing is underway.

Part 2: Criticisms of the MoP DK, Opportunities in Warlords

Part II will consist of a critical analysis of each individual spec, as well as an examination of our arsenal of glyphs this expansion.

Part 1: Criticisms of the MoP DK, Opportunities in Warlords

We’re coming to the end of yet another expansion, and it’s an appropriate time to reflect on Death Knights in Mists of Pandaria and discuss what we hope awaits us in Warlords of Draenor.

Glory of the Endboss

I’ve decided to not only chronicle, but also create guides to 4 of my most memorable boss solos this tier. I hope that any of you reading this will find what I’ve noted useful and ultimately use it to be able to experience that thrill.

Crashing Thunder: Lessons learned from Festerblight

If you played a Death Knight during 5.2 and 5.3, you came across this term. I’m very proud to say that it’s a phrase I came up with to describe a playstyle that we created, tested and then popularised in #Acherus.

Unholy DPS: We will rise again

In a previous blog post, I covered many of the reasons Unholy was not likely to be a popular spec for Tier 14 content. After a fairly shoddy stint in Cataclysm, it received very few mechanical changes during the MoP Beta. With Frost already having been the de-facto spec for so much of Cataclysm, it wasn’t surprising to see most players gravitate towards it during Mists of Pandaria as well.