#Acherus – New Live Chat for DKs!

Why a chat?

Death Knight discussions, news, and messages have been flying back and forth across Twitter all week! In fact, it’s been SO busy that all our tweets began to overflow into multiple pages in the span of a few short hours. ¬†Suffice it to say, if you’re a follower, you know what we’re talking about! We *love* using Twitter to read and send short messages to each other; it’s a great way to communicate (and we hope all the activity continues!). But like a fat man on a little bike, we also needed to get something bigger if we wanted to meet up and talk with one another.

How does it work?

Fengore of Earthen Ring-EU cleverly realized that we could use an IRC to create the #Acherus channel. If you’ve never heard of IRC, it’s just a quick way of saying ‘Internet Relay Chat’. Basically it’s a simple, moderated, free chat server that will allow us to invite Death Knights from Twitter, our guilds, and the greater community to chat in real time together. #Acherus is hosted here for you continual free use, so please enjoy!

#Acherus topics

Channel discussion will include a buffet of tasty Wow-related subjects:

  • Theorycrafting
  • PTR & Breaking News
  • Events
  • Raiding Strategies
  • Spec Options
  • Guild Dynamics
  • Gearing and Items
  • Tradeskills
  • UIs
  • and more…
The first rule of DK club (no…wait)

#Acherus is provided for class and Wow related discussion only. Our moderators have one simple rule: just be respectful and keep chat focused on game matters. If you’re looking for a way to vent, that’s better suited to an open pint of Ben & Jerry’s, not the DK chat channel.
With that all said…

PS- If you like what you see, please recommend #Acherus to your fellow Death Knights!

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