Bookmark Sharing – How to Share Bookmarks With Others

bookmark sharing

Many browsers and social bookmark sharing systems allow users to save bookmarks that can be shared with others. These can be viewed chronologically, by category or tag, or via a search engine. The sustainability of these services depends on factors like platform security, user engagement and effective business models.

In DayBack, bookmarks can be used to link to and open a specific calendar event, resource or page. This can be useful for sharing the contents of a particular day with people who have access to your source calendar or for linking a presentation slide to a relevant point in your slideshow. Bookmarks can also be tagged to make them easier to find or organize.

Bookmark Sharing: Amplifying Productivity and Connectivity

When viewing a bookmark, the filter and date switch settings in DayBack will remain in effect. This ensures that the view and filters will always be the ones you were using when you created the bookmark.

Some Chrome extensions can help you share your bookmarks with others by creating an HTML file that can be sent to a recipient. This is a fairly manual approach that is best for one-time transfers between devices, but not for ongoing syncing of bookmarks across different computers. For a more streamlined solution, we recommend checking out the Bookmark Llama extension for Chrome.