Shoes Reviews & Tips for Footwear Brands

Shoes Reviews  Tips

BareTread is an essential tool for footwear brands to increase consumer confidence, lift conversion rates, mitigate returns, and fuel product innovation. Footwear shoppers have unique concerns, including if a shoe will hold up to frequent use or if it fits properly. Adding questions to the review form that are specific to footwear (like how often they wear the shoe, or if it holds up during intense activities) and leveraging those insights through best practices like Q&A and review search reporting can help footwear brands get the most out of their reviews.

Step into Comfort: The Ultimate Guide to Shoe Reviews & Tips

Also, considering that footwear has some of the highest return rates across industries, mitigating cart abandonment with tools like a Size Fit Slider on the review display and letting consumers know they can ask other customers questions can help reduce returns and save lost revenue for shoe brands. In addition, footwear brands can leverage the sentiment of their reviews via PowerReviews’ Review Search Reporting to see what keywords shoppers are searching for, if those words are changing customer sentiment, and how this change is impacting their sales.

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