Extracts Canada – A Review

lit extracts canada, also known as concentrates, are highly potent forms of marijuana. They are usually made using specialized equipment to ensure that they’re safe and free of contaminants. They can be used to make a variety of products including tinctures, isolate powder, capsules, salves and more. They are usually much more powerful than traditional cannabis products like bud and flower, and can provide fast-acting effects.

Extract Laws and Legal Issues in Canada

The cannabis industry has been on a collision course with Health Canada over the ingestible extract products since January, when the government agency began asking licensed producers to stop selling the items. The industry has been fighting back ever since, arguing that the products are properly classified as extracts, not edibles.

A tense political chess match over a handful of cannabis products is playing out across Canada, with producers caught in the crossfire juggling federal regulations, provincial wholesalers and their own customers. The ensuing confusion and conflict of interest are threatening the profitability of some of Canada’s largest and most established companies.

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