Planning Permission For Staircases

Planning Permission for Staircases

Certified Stairlifts add functionality and visual appeal to any home. Replacing or installing a new staircase can be a major undertaking and may require planning permission. It is important to know whether your project will need this permission, and if it does, to ensure that the application process runs smoothly.

Planning Permission for Staircases

The decision to apply for planning permission for your external staircase will depend on several factors, including where it will be located and whether it falls under permitted development rights. Regardless of whether you decide to apply, it is important to familiarise yourself with local planning policies and guidelines before starting work on your renovation to avoid any delays.

It is also worth contacting a reputable staircase design company early on to discuss your ideas and ensure that any plans comply with regulations. An experienced team will be able to help guide you through the process and make sure that your application is as stress-free as possible.

Several common issues can arise during the planning process, such as visual impact and aesthetics, addressing objections from the community, and privacy concerns (i.e. overlooking neighboring properties). By taking the time to prepare well ahead of submitting your application, you can minimize these potential hurdles. For example, by demonstrating that your staircase will enhance the appearance of your property, and be in keeping with the architectural style of your home, you can minimize any negative impacts.