Top Investing Apps in the UK

investing apps uk are democratizing investing by letting anyone start with a few clicks on a smartphone. These new tools are offering a variety of investment choices, low fees, and easy-to-use interfaces that make it simple for beginners to get involved in the stock market.

Some apps allow users to invest in a ready-made portfolio based on their risk tolerance or investment goals, while others enable them to customize their own investments. Others provide a range of asset classes, from stocks and ETFs to mutual funds and commodities, and support tax-efficient account types like ISAs and SIPPs.

Guide to the Leading Investment Apps Tailored for the UK

To choose the best investment app for you, consider your financial goals, level of experience, and preferences when it comes to fees, user-friendly features, and stability. Also, look for a robust customer service team available on demand. Lastly, ensure that the app you choose is regulated by the FCA and offers FSCS protection.


InvestEngine is a great option for novice investors, as it has low fees and no management costs on its DIY Portfolio. It also allows you to invest as little as PS100. In addition, InvestEngine offers a number of unique features, including research and analysis tools, and offers a free trial period.

Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown is a top UK investment app that provides a comprehensive range of investment options, including shares, funds, and ETFs, as well as unique account types such as ISAs and SIPPs. It also offers a robust trading platform, and is backed by strict security measures.