Bathroom grout cleaning service

Bathroom grout cleaning service

Bathroom grout cleaning service and discolored over time. Homeowners often try to clean them with household cleaners, but these products can actually push dirt into the grout, making it even more difficult to remove. Professional cleaning services can restore discolored grout to its original color and protect it from further damage.

Before the on-site cleaning process begins, technicians perform a pretest to ensure the safest and highest quality result for your stone, tile, and grout surfaces. They will also tape off surfaces to protect them from the cleaning solution. Dry soil removal is then performed, followed by a thorough steam and hot water cleaning of your tile and grout. Finally, a sealant application is applied to promote even color, preserve cleanliness, and waterproof the surface.

From Grime to Gleam: The Expert’s Handbook on Transformative Tile Grout Cleaning Services

Unlike most commercial grout cleaners, this product doesn’t contain bleach. Instead, it uses a non-toxic formula to kill germs and lift stains. This makes it a safer choice for those with sensitive skin and lungs. Plus, it doesn’t leave behind an unpleasant odor like many of its competitors.

The only downside to this cleaner is that it doesn’t come with a spray applicator, so you’ll have to use a brush to apply it. Krissia Garcia, CEO of cleaning company KrissKlean, recommends using a sponge brush, scrub brush, or pot and pan brush to apply the cleaner. However, a grout brush is a better option since it has the precise bristle placement and sizing to reach into the small gaps between tiles.