Men’s Toiletry Bag Large

mens toiletry bag large

If you’re going to spend a long time traveling, it pays to invest in a well-made toiletry bag. The right one is primed for travel, roomy enough to hold all your grooming essentials and — above all else — stylish. We asked ten frequent travelers, men’s-grooming experts and generally style-forward people to recommend their Dopp kits of choice. Their picks include leather-trimmed options, a rugged canvas number and plenty of nylon alternatives.

A men’s toiletry bag large should protect his products from the elements, and the most durable ones do so without adding much weight or bulk. A good option should feature a main compartment with plenty of space, plus smaller pockets to store items like razor blades and cotton swabs. It should also have a wide opening for easy access and dependable hardware.

Spacious and Stylish: The Best Large Men’s Toiletry Bags for Your Travel Needs

This one from Lululemon is made with a tough, water-resistant fabric that will keep your stash dry even in sporadic April showers. The shape is flexible enough to squish into tight spots in your luggage, but also sits upright on any surface for quick access. And if you do get a spill, its coated nylon is super easy to wipe clean.

The minimalists among you may prefer this simple, streamlined hanging kit from Nomatic, which features rows of elastic loops and zipper pouches to organize your toiletries. It’s designed to hang on the back of a bathroom door, so you can use it to save counter space while still making everything easily accessible.